February, 2018

ALS Association - Rocky Mountain Chapter

It's Fun To Do Good and Sarah Brown with the ALS Association - Rocky Mountain Chapter believes it! This group has been helping over 500 families struggling with ALS for the last couple decades.  The organization dedicates itself to getting the community involved in marathon walks to help raise awareness and collect donations to further research for treatments to extend the lifespan for those who are diagnosed with ALS. They also make house visits to offer assistance when needed. They have a small room where they invite families to come in and learn how to use some of the equipment that families will need to use. This helps families learn how to use it before getting the equipment loaned to them or purchasing it. Learn more about the ALS Association, offer your support or give an encouraging shout out HERE.


September, 2017

Joyful Journey's

It's Fun To Do Good and Tasha at Joyful Journey's believes it! This group is helping low income families, from clothes, school supplies, food, after school activities (sports, dance and music) to santa shops . They are currently helping over 1000 families in Adams County  - They strive to make a difference before it's too late. They are focused on helping the kids but also helping the parents as well. Joyful Journeys looks for solutions to the problems these families face instead of just putting a temporary band-aid over their situations. Tasha has been building up Joyful Journeys for 7 years and is making a huge difference! Learn more about her organization, offer your support and give her an encouraging shout out HERE.

Pay It Forward

These two special ladies and their volunteers are helping the homeless by preparing hot meals every month and taking them down to civic park. They have also put together coat drives, collecting winter coats for people in need. They are downtown during the sweeps trying to help out those who have nothing and get something warm to eat. They have even opened their own homes for victims of a natural disasters looking for a new start in Denver. 

They have been doing this for over 5 years and have first hand experience from hurricane Katrina and are just looking to make a difference for those down on their luck. Offer your support, and give them a shout out HERE.

Who do you think has fun doing good in your neighborhood? Tell us about them and they might be recognized here on our page!